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Much like I am, you are an inquisitive soul. So in common pursuit of human purpose and connection, I am giving you a better glimpse of who I am and how our shared ideas might spark a light in a world of individualism and mystery..


Throughout my life, I’ve gotten pretty used to moving from one place to another. After having spent my first fourteen years of life filled with memories of living in two homes in Manila, Philippines, my family moved to Los Angeles, California. A few years later, I moved to San Francisco for college. And despite the chaos of drifting between places from time to time, the constant movement, a bit surprisingly, is what’s helped me create a sense of belonging for myself and kept me truly grounded since.


In fact, it’s triggered my curiosity of both the world and each person in it. In the same way, I found myself increasingly fueled by the energy and materialization of individuals crossing paths — that is, of human connection — all around me. Most especially, I am enchanted by emerging cultures and diverse backgrounds that each play a big role in shaping communities.


My childhood consisted of filming videos, taking pictures, playing piano, singing and dancing, and cooking for family and friends: in other words, creating and admiring art. But the more I pick up my pencil, adjust my camera lens, figure out what chord to play (or do anything in that matter), the better I realize that art is beyond the drawings I’ve compiled into my oldest sketchbooks. It is more than the choice to stray away from the rule of thirds in this particular photo; no, it is, instead, within the hearts and minds of those around me. It is in their beliefs, passions, dreams, cultures, and traditions. And as I hold onto my own belief that the most transformative of experiences come from the most intimate moments in our lives, I also seek to cultivate my purpose of discovering opportunities to make an impact and — together — sharing and creating those opportunities with others.


In envisioning a world where these opportunities are within reach for everyone, I am also inclined to then understand the world on which society is built: business. After graduating from the University of San Francisco with a degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, I continue to delve into my fascination for the influence that people coming together to build something far greater than just the product of their work has on something as instrumental as the economy on a global scale. I believe that it is only through moments of raw human collaboration that we begin to inspire and harvest real change. I’ve learned, throughout the course of my education, that in making important and influential decisions, we must ask ourselves which values truly exist to keep our experiences alive as a community of human beings.


The same questions have compelled me to also study design in my highest hopes of one day being able to meld the science of business with the art of persuasion. But the biggest question I continue to ask myself is this: how does art influence the way we think, and how do we consciously design a world in which our shared experiences inspire the way we treat one another?

People need people, and an awareness that this intimate fact is the most powerful driving force in shaping lives and societies is something I aim to draw on for the better. Thank you for your curious mind.. for opening up another opportunity to share a common view of the world with me. Welcome to mine & feel free to explore as you wish!


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